Saturday, January 15, 2011

Reasons to Write

To write, you do not have to have a specific purpose.  Writing comes from the heart and can be somewhat therapeutic.  Writing helps me in many ways such as, forgetting about a bad day, sorting out a problem, and it helps me to better explain myself, when the words won’t come out of my mouth.  Writing gives me the ability to share my true feelings.  I also like to write for the fun of it.  For instance, I like to write poetry. 

Writing can have its own good perks such as: writing for a school scholarship.  I have personally written three scholarship essays in to which one I have one a $3,000.00 scholarship for.  I am awaiting the results for the other two.  As I found, if you are very passionate about writing, it can also be a means of income. 

In addition, if you are a teen that have something to say to your parents but cannot find a way to tell them, write them a letter.  Writing a letter can become a way of communication for you and your parents to open up to each other, and can eventually lead to you being comfortable enough to talk face to face.
Writing speaks,

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